Save Your Knees and Back!

Submitted by Mark on Tue, 12/16/2008 - 21:00

Reaching to the back of a low placed cabinet can be very tough on the knees and back. With pull out drawers, however you will never need to kneel down again to get something from a cabinet. With a well built slideable drawer that can hold up to 100 pounds, Wolfe Home Service's sliding shelves can come to your rescue. Simply pull the drawer out to get what you are looking for. No more need to rummage through the depths of your vast cabinet space. With the help of slide out shelves from Wolfe home services, conveniently located on the California's Central Coast area in Santa Maria.
Save your knees and back easily find everything in your pantry no matter how deep it is.
Call 805-70-WOLFE
Thats 805-709-6533 for an estimate today.

Custom Slide Out Shelves


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